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Abigail Silver

Author of The Redeeming Grace Trilogy

Visions of Fire IS HERE!

Abigail Silver is an author and illustrator based in South Carolina. She writes science fiction fantasy work, almost exclusively in the massive and ever-growing Usuriel Multiverse. Her debut novel, Child of Awareness, introduces us to Gracie and her father, Gabriel, both of whom are members of the mysterious, immortal Usuriel clan.

The Redeeming Grace Trilogy follows Gracie as she searches for her identity as a psychic firebird, and acceptance as an Usuriel in a world full of mortals. In a rich, deep world filled with unexpected elements—like vampires, space travel, and cybernetics—Gracie’s story of romance, generational trauma, and deadly politics pulls the reader in and doesn’t let go. Fully illustrated with over 30 hand-drawn illustrations, each novel is a works of art that immerses the reader in an escapist fantasy that lingers long after the last page is closed.

Read more about Child of Awareness by clicking here.

Praise for Child of Awareness:

Intriguing, exciting, hypnotizing. Child of Awareness lures you into a fascinating world that’s a touch of cyberpunk, a bit of space sci-fi, all wrapped up in a Victorian-era fantasy. 

Follow Gracie through her unusual childhood and adolescence as she finds her place in a family of eccentric immortals and come to terms with her own supernatural abilities. Her family tree is full of secrets and she is a long way from uncovering them all. 

Despite not being a YA reader, this book grabbed me and didn’t let go. Highly recommended for anyone interested in fast-paced, easy-reading fantasy.

— J. D. Edwin author of Headspace

This book could be considered a masterclass in worldbuilding. From an interstellar generation ship to a fantastical colonial planet populated with vampires and superpowered immortal beings, the scope of this world is huge; and yet, the characters are still the most relatable you’ll ever meet. That balance is a testament to Abigail Silver’s care and writing skill. 

–T. D. Gonzalez author of Spark and Firebreak

Read more about Visions of Fire by clicking here.

Praise for Visions of Fire:

Visions of Fire is a phenomenal follow up to Child of Awareness. Once again, Abigail knocks it out of the park with her writing, conveying a magnitude of emotions that spans from joy to despair to intense fury, and everything else in between. Abigail has the ability to suck the reader into the story as if they are standing alongside Gracie, witnessing her journey firsthand. Everything from the worldbuilding, to dialogue, to the character arcs are beautifully portrayed. Visions of Fire is an incredibly told story that is a must have of every bookshelf. 

–Rebecca Amiss author of Summer of ‘77

A coming-of-age fantasy transforms into a supernatural detective story as a mature Gracie questions everything she thought she knew. Abigail’s storytelling skill brings us closer to Gracie as her power grows and her world gradually unravels. We are right there in the action and the breathtaking pace will keep readers turning page after page.”

–T. D. Gonzalez author of Spark and Firebreak

Visions of Fire brings us closer to Gracie as she learns to navigate college, boys, and her ability to create and control fire. The smooth, natural flow of the text makes this book quite remarkable. As the second book in the Redeeming Grace Trilogy, Visions of Fire doesn’t disappoint. The Usuriel Multiverse continues to build in complexity and depth. I suggest reading book one, Child of Awareness, first because when reading Visions of Fire, you will be stunned by the foreshadowing you missed, and those “Oh!” moments are great fun. Abigail Silver is an author to keep on your radar

–George Beckman, Author of The Ship From Wolfskill

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