Visions of Fire is COMING!


Two years ago, publishing ONE book sounded like an impossible dream. Now I’m working hard to get Book 2 ready to go out the door! It’s been a wild twelve months since Child of Awareness launched – from learning the ins and outs of advertising and marketing (which, let’s be honest, I’m still in the infancy stage with), to creating new content and working towards new goals while still promoting my first book baby. It’s been an incredibly steep learning curve.

Now that everything feels solid and tangible, I’m excited to do it again! And since I promised some loyal readers that this trilogy would not take decades to come out, I told myself I had a two year MAXIMUM in between installments. Turns out, I only needed about a year to get this novel illustrated and clean enough for public gaze!

Without further ado, I want to announce a few really important dates:

Visions of Fire Cover Reveal: Friday 6/24/22

Virtual Book Talk: Thursday 6/30/22

Child of Awareness Count Down Sale (Book 1’s digital version will be available for 99 cents!): July 6th to 13th

Visions of Fire LAUNCH Day: July 19th

I will be purchasing and signing a limited number of Visions of Fire for the launch, so be on the look out closer to the end of July!

I cannot wait to share the next chapter of Gracie’s adventures with you and, as always, thanks for reading!

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