Author Bio

Abigail Silver is the pen name I use for my writing and illustration work. Feel free to call me Abigail or Abby as many of my friends on Twitter do!

I have been writing novel length work since high school. My initial inspiration was my father’s classic superhero comics and his collection of sci-fi thrillers. Since then my library has expanded significantly and my favorite authors include Jean Auel, Jacqueline Carey, Anne McCaffrey, and Laurell K. Hamilton.

I grew up in central Pennsylvania but currently make my home near Charlotte, NC. I share a humble, one-story abode with my husband, son, and two fur babies. I hold a BFA from Edinboro University in Applied Media Arts. My traditional artwork has been exhibited in several local galleries.

You can find my rants on writing and characters on Twitter @silverabby84 and more of my artwork on Instagram @abigailsilverstories. I’m available via email at or through the “contact” page.

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