Book Reviews

I spent a lot of time reading as a child and young adult. Now that I’m a parent, most of my reading time is spent on picture books or on unpublished work by my loyal and beloved team of critique partners.

However, when I do get a chance to read for myself (or when one of my writing crew publishes something for the general audience), I wanted to create a space where I could share my thoughts and let you know what’s in my library.

Below are some authors whose work I have recently read and reviewed. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

PJ Braley – The Fire Slayers – 3 Stars

Mackenzie Littledale – The Names That Survived – 4.5 Stars

Rachel Menard – Steel Hand Cold Heart – 5 Stars

George Beckman – Members of the Cast – 5 Stars

George Beckman – The Ship from Wolfskill – 5 Stars

Rebecca Amiss – Summer of ’77 – 5 Stars

J. D. Edwin – Headspace – 4.5 Stars

J.D. Edwin – Master of the Arena – 4.5 Stars

Brent Weeks – The Black Prism – 5 Stars

Jamie Jackson – Fear and Fury – 5 Stars

Geo – Haiku From The Sea – 5 Stars

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