Child of Awareness

Book 1 of the Redeeming Grace Trilogy

An Usuriel Novel

Published July 27th 2021

Epic Sci-fi Fantasy

95k words, 408 pages, 38 illustrations

Follow Gracie Usuriel, a young firebird, as she grows up among an eccentric family of immortal psychics. Making friends with her sister’s ghost and falling for a cybernetic diplomat-in-training are average days for the daughter of the most (in)famous man in the world. If Gracie’s flames can’t illuminate her father’s dark past, they may consume everything she loves.

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Editorial Reviews

This book could be considered a masterclass in worldbuilding. From an interstellar generation ship to a fantastical colonial planet populated with vampires and superpowered immortal beings, the scope of this world is huge; and yet, the characters are still the most relatable you’ll ever meet. That balance is a testament to Abigail Silver’s care and writing skill. — T.D. Gonzalez, author of SPARK and FIREBREAK

Intriguing, exciting, hypnotizing. Child of Awareness lures you into a fascinating world that’s a touch of cyberpunk, a bit of space sci-fi, all wrapped up in a Victorian-era fantasy. Follow Gracie through her unusual childhood and adolescence as she finds her place in a family of eccentric immortals and come to terms with her own supernatural abilities. Her family tree is full of secrets and she is a long way from uncovering them all. Despite not being a YA reader, this book grabbed me and didn’t let go. Highly recommend for anyone interested in fast-paced, easy-reading fantasy. — J. D. Edwin, author of HEADSPACE

Child of Awareness is a masterpiece of creation. I have not read a book since Lord of the Rings that builds to such a degree upon common fantasy elements. As we follow Gracie from being a small orphan to growing into a powerful young woman of Awareness, the magnitude of Abigail Silver’s world-building continues to astound. The depth and fabric of the plot ensure folks will be rereading, only to say, “Rats! It was there, and I missed it.” And yet, Silver is a storyteller who beautifully blends true-to-life characters and plot, making the text accessible on many levels. Readers will be eagerly awaiting books two and three. Movie producers, take note: this one is far beyond the norm. — George Beckman, author of MEMBERS OF THE CAST


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