The Drafting Desk

Novels not actively going through the publishing process. They may be incomplete, in need of rewrites, or retired from querying. They are available to Critique Partners Only.

Angel in the Dark

Science Fiction Fantasy

Approximately 75k Words

Status: Completed but retired from querying

A traumatized archivist struggles to reclaim her identity and her relationship after being brutally assaulted. Set on the Generation Ship Inspiration bound for a new colony world, Olivia’s story is one of love and forgiveness in a world where even super humans are flawed and fragile creatures.

Angels Don’t Bleed

Science Fiction Fantasy

Approximately 85k Words

Status: On the Editing Desk

Olivia’s story continues as rival colonists attempt to take over her beloved generation ship, the Inspiration. This story explores the many different shapes that love can take and the extremes it can drive us to.

Demon in the Dark

Space Opera

Approximately 96k Words

Status: First Draft Completed

Isolated by her psychic abilities and anticipated longevity, Ariel Usuriel has devoted her life to the Generations Ship Inspiration, training with every waking moment to become a skilled psi-pilot and healer. Thoughts of relationships and romance have been tossed out the airlock until she discovers a mysterious young man on the brink of death, floating in deep space. Calling on a lifetime of tenacity and hard work, will Ariel’s powers be enough to save the one person who might be able to spend eternity with her?

Demons Don’t Bleed

Space Opera

Approximately 130k Words

Status: First Draft Completed

Merry’s world transformed when Ariel saved him and his siblings from the derelict Oriel research vessel. Now, safely on the Generation Ship Inspiration, Merry is struggling to come to terms with the trauma he’s been through and the trauma he’s caused. Just when he thinks things are becoming a little more normal, Merry is drawn into a new and confusing situation that will make him question what is real and force him to chose between his loyal siblings and the woman he’s falling in love with.

The White Raven

Epic Science Fiction Fantasy

Status: Outlined

Donnie, Hal, and Gideon have one thing in common – their psychic abilities set them apart from the other colonists. For Donnie, this means struggling with powers and urges he doesn’t completely understand or know how to control. For Hal, it’s a constant struggle to be trusted and believed, sometimes even by the mortal partner he grew up with and loves more than life itself. For Gideon, it’s made him a target for someone even more powerful who wants to take something from him they have no right to.


Dark Fantasy

Status: Drafting

Rory hates House Sang with a burning passion. When her mother sends her as a coming of age gift to the newest Lord Sang, she tries to console herself with the knowledge that proven fertility would increase her status among the High Immortals. Yet young Davrel Sang is not what she expected and suddenly, the question is not if she can survive the assignment, but if there really might be such a thing as love in the darkness of Antinous Plania.

The Vampire’s Heart

Dark Fantasy

Status: Drafting

D’nay’s afterlife is turned upside-down when an ordinary blood feed turns into the most amazing night of his life. Returned to a mortal state by a side-effect of Gloria’s unusual blood, D’nay quickly finds himself falling for more than just a heartbeat. Now Gloria faces a choice – allow D’nay to suffer as a member of the undead, or give up her life and career back home in Uson Plania.

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