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This publishing journey has been long and my learning curve steep. But I am finally ready for my COVER REVEAL!

First, a huge thanks to my graphic design friends who helped out on this one. I honestly couldn’t have come up with something this professional without you.

And now, without further ado, here she is –

Child of Awareness

Book 1 of the Redeeming Grace Trilogy

I’ll have another very exciting announcement very soon! Keep watching this space for more!


Instagram and Cover Reveal

Thanks for checking in on what’s going on here in Usuriel-land!

I will soon be reorganizing my “Novels in Progress” page in order to reflect what I intend to publish. That means a cover reveal for Child of Awareness VERY soon! Be on the look out for that update!

Rewriting the climax of Child of Awareness is painstaking, but a few chapters have been completed and I hope to be ready for a last deep-edit by summer.

Once summer hits, I plan to do a deep dive into self-publishing research so that I can chart out a timeline and announce a target publishing date. So be on the look out for those announcements in early June.

I have started a writing Instagram account and begun posting Usuriel-related artwork there. Check out the screenshot below if you’re interested in following the visual art part of my creative process there. I am very open to any content suggestions and I will follow writers back!

I have also been working on a sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project which is being documented on the Instagram page as well. I may do a feature page for the sketchbook and its progress here as well. All of it is themed off of the REDEEMING GRACE TRILOGY of course, so consider it teaser material for Child of Awareness.

Thanks so much for staying with me on this journey! I hope to have lots more to update you on in coming months!



Child of Awareness and Self-Publishing

This winter break has resulted in a lot of progress in my writing journey and when I revisited my website this morning , I realized I didn’t have a place to record or share any of it with you.

Thus, the creation of this News page and the short journal you see before you!

In the last few years, I have made great strides towards my publishing goals. I have researched literary agents and publishers. I have submitted queries, made the data spread sheets, and recorded the many rejections. I have explored the world of writing Twitter and found wonderful friends and resources there. I made this website and began updating and editing it. All of this while producing hundreds of pages of drafted prose and edits, reading volumes of beta work for my wonderful CP’s, and an uncountable number of concept artworks.

In this journey, I have come to realize a few important truths about myself and my work.

First, I am not in this for the money. Many writing books and agent websites talk about word targets and marketable topics. They discuss writing short stories and submitting to competitions to build your brand. They encourage writers to do articles and submit to newsletters to grow their income base and their published list. All of which reminds me why I chose not to go into a career in writing in the first place. None of that interests me in the least.

Lesson one: I write what I enjoy because this is a labor of love. I already have a career and don’t need to make a second one out of my favorite mental escape.

Second, I am not just an author. I am an artist. I love doing my own illustrations. I love the elegance of well crafted prose and believe that it should have a rhythm, “active voice” or not. In short, I want control of my work. Not just the chance to reject line edits, but the whole look and feel of my novel. I want to have a hand in designing everything from the page numbers to the cover design.

Lesson two: I don’t just want to write a book, I want to make a piece of artwork that I am proud to put out into the world.

Finally, I have learned that time is finite and while I would love to work on deadlines, the reality is that I’m a working parent. If I want to do all this work myself and make it as good as I possibly can, I need to pace myself and allow myself to work on one small piece of the puzzle at a time.

Lesson three: I’m not willing to put out sub-quality material because someone else is impatient to make money.

All together, this means I have really only one option in the publishing world and that is self-publishing. I always thought that if I self-published, I would feel as if I had let myself down or as if I had settled for a cheapened version of my dream. I don’t feel that way at all. Instead, I am excited, energized, and grateful to live in a time when I can fully realize my artistic vision and share it with the world so easily.

All this to say, dear reader, that I hope you will stay on the look out for the following things I hope to be rolling out in 2020:

  • A new Facebook page and possibly an Instagram account for my writing world.
  • Cover reveal for my first self-published novel – Child of Awareness
  • Progress and updates on the publishing process, including a date for the release of Child of Awareness and possibly the other two novels in that trilogy.

Thanks so much for reading!


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